Relatable Living

Doing what we love to the best of our abilities

From meal prep to baking to outdoor adventure, we can do it all

Meal Prep

Eating well doesn’t need to take hours of your day. Weather your in a caloric deficit or looking to save a few pennies, meal prep can improve daily living.


Sweet treats really do make the world go-round.

Outdoor Adventure

Hiking, Camping, Traveling. Nothing is more freeing that spending time in nature with people you care about.

Making small changes to everyday life to enhance our sustainability and quality

Chloe the Corgi is leading the charge of figuring out the most relatable ways that we can improve our lives while communicating it to others. Even if its just spending the weekend outdoors or saving a few hours a week with a delicious meal prep, each small step we take now can improve and prepare us for a better future.


Whether you’re curious about recipes, adventures or have suggestions, feel free to reach out and let us know!

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