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Sundays are a big day for a Corgi living in Massachusetts. Why you may ask, thats because Sundays are meal prep days. In a mostly plant based household, a mid-sized Corgi who loves veggies is able to indulge in all the scraps that come with cooking a plethora of vegetables.

As new meal-prep ideas are shared, they are rated with the following stars;


This rating is fairly simple, how I think the taste of the meal prep is.

Ease of Prep

Ease of prep is determined by the effort needed to make the meals and divvy it up into its containers. Aspects for this include any and all physical activities needed in the kitchen during cooking and also the time it takes to make.

Day of Prep

Day of prep is similar to ease of prep, but only refers to how easy it is to prepare the meal in the moment. 5-star would be as simple as popping it into the microwave and chowing down, a lower rating could be if toppings need to be added, or any assembly of the meal.

Grocery Damage

Grocery damage refers to the cost of groceries and needed materials. Most of what I make is done with very common household items, but if something is needed it will be included. I typically shop at Trader Joe’s and Wegmans, 5-stars would be a grocery bill <$40, and 1-star would be >$80.

Day 6 Excitement

Day 6 excitement is one of the most important ratings for someone just getting into meal prepping. The biggest argument is always “I could never eat the same thing every day” I was the same way until I started making food I was excited to eat for 6 days in a row. 5-stars indicate the same level of excitement as day 1, and 1-star indicates I would rather eat something else.

Weeks Repeated: 1

Weeks repeated is not a star rating, but an indication of how many times a single recipe was made back to back to show just how much I enjoyed it

Are veggies the favorite you may wonder- no absolutely not. If the cheese drawer is opened or the peanut butter jar twisted there will be an uprising if not shared, but as for Sundays – veggies are the highlight.

What is a mid-sized Corgi you may ask? Typically when a Corgi is imagined its a large, round and short pup, and that is not incorrect. This Corgi however, is also a huge fan of mountain hiking, therefore she is long and cylindrical, but not as chunky as one may think.

As this blog develops with meal prep ideas/tips, outdoor adventures, and other relatable life experiences, Chloe will make a continuing appearance as the face of relatable living.

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