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Everyday is taco Tuesday when you meal prep spicy tofu tacos. A classic in the household for dinners is some sort of spicy Mexican dish because it’s not only easy, but it’s incredibly versatile to adapt to the season and can be very customizable based on mood. 

The base of the taco bowls is air fried extra firm tofu from Trader Joe’s with black beans and veggies. The beans are the star of the show, a quick pan fry with some oil, garlic, jalapeno, and cumin, then adding some veggie broth and mashing them gives a more authentic Mexican restaurant style bean feel. A splash of lime juice at the end before adding to some Tupperware makes them exceptional. The tofu is most convenient when cut into strips and coated with spices. I used cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder and salt. 20 mins in the air fryer and added to the Tupperware gives off almost fajita-esk vibes. Finally to the filler veggies, this is where I recommend going rogue and adding any and all veggies that appeal to you, I am a sucker for some green bell peppers and yellow onion, but I have also done broccoli, sweet potato strips, and zucchini and they were all wonderful. Sautéed until soft with some garlic and spices and into the Tupperware make for one of the easiest meal preps there is. 

Now for the caloric options; my best recommendation for a caloric deficit prep, the jicama wraps from Trader Joes have been my go-to recently. At only 15 calories (3carb, <1sugars) for two wraps, they make the perfect taco shell/fajita wrap. They are a crunchy alternative, but to achieve a more tortilla like consistency takes only a few more minutes of work – a pan on high heat (no oil needed) just heat the jicama wrap for ~30s on each side, flip once or twice depending on how soft you like your tortillas, and you will have soft, flexible tortilla substitutes! If caloric deficit is not a priority, normal tortillas will work just fine but I still give a strong recommendation for the jicama wraps! 

Extras that can be added is cilantro rice and guac to round out the meal. Day of activities are very simple, reheat the dinner as you normally would, I typically start with 1:30 stir then another 2 min to get it nice and steamy. Then add the beans, veggies, tofu, and a small amount of cheese to the jicama wraps. Quick microwave for 15-30s to get the cheese a bit melty and then add some salsa/taco sauce. Overall a very satisfying meal that is very easy and customizable.  

Check out the Trader Joe’s Jicama wraps


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